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Balconies and loggias

The options for using the balcony can be very different.

Balconies and loggias - Our objects

Balcony can become a separate lounge, office, gym, storage room for various household utensils, a mini-kitchen, or an extension of a kitchen or room. We are always ready to bring to life your ideas and solutions for repairs, taking into account the characteristics of each object. The "Continuus" company repairs and finishes "turnkey" balconies and loggias.

Warm glazing

Balconies and loggias

  • For warm glazing, standard 5 - 6 chamber systems of PVC profiles are used.
  • Double-glazed window 24; 32; 36; 44 mm (Uos = 1.0 W / m2; 0.6 W / m2)
  • The main advantage is that you can fully insulate the loggia by making an additional small room out of it. To do this, you also need to insulate the floor, walls and ceiling.

Cold aluminium glazing

Balconies and loggias

Loggias and balconies that are glazed with an aluminium profile quickly became popular, since they have many advantages:

  • Aluminium is lightweight yet durable. It is not susceptible to rust and is excellent for the climatic conditions of Latvia.
  • Transmits light in sufficient quantity.
  • Protects from bad weather.
  • Sliding design, has a sophisticated look and creates a sense of space.
  • Refractory (versus plastic)
  • Cold glazing restrains the penetration of cold and noise by about 40%. At the same time, it protects your loggia from precipitation and dust.

Frameless balcony glazing

Balconies and loggiasFrameless glazing is one of the most modern and popular types of glazing for balconies and loggias. This type of glazing is often used to give a beautiful appearance both from the outside and from the inside.

  • No approval is required for changing the facade.
  • The absence of vertical frames makes your loggia light, light and transparent.
  • Glasses are used only tempered and super strong. This means that if such glass is broken, there will be no harm from it. In an emergency, it will crumble into small crystals.
  • Tempered glass protects against dust, snow and rain.
  • The "accordion" system will open the structure across its entire width.
  • Possibility of glazing the veranda from floor to ceiling (up to 3 meters)

In general, turnkey balcony finishing work may include the following stages:

  • balcony glazing (aluminium or plastic);
  • removal of glazing (if required);
  • installing a roof on the balcony (if required);
  • strengthening the parapet (if required);
  • complete interior decoration of the balcony (wood, plastic panels, plasterboard, etc.);
  • insulation of the balcony (with plastic glazing, insulation is mandatory - in the absence of insulation, in this case, the formation of condensation is inevitable, which will subsequently lead to the formation of mold);
  • electricity outlet (if required);
  • installation of lamps, sockets and switches (if required);
  • installation of a warm floor (if required);
  • installation of cabinets, cabinets and tables on the balcony (if required);
  • external finishing of the balcony (if required).

Balconies and loggiasHigh-quality installation

High-quality installation is a guarantee of the longevity of your windows and living without condensation and fungus.

  • We do not save on materials for installation, but we do save on expenses for warranty service. At the same time, we do not overstate prices.
  • If necessary, we provide professional installation with special parainsulating tapes.
  • Blowing through the window is usually facilitated by the accumulation of condensation and the destruction of foam.
  • The outdoor (anti-wind) tape prevents blowing from the street and the formation of condensation around the perimeter of the window. The inner (parainsulating) tape absorbs moisture that comes from inside the room.
  • We also offer high quality interior and exterior finishes.

Furniture is a very important element of the window. it is she who wears out the most when opening and closing the window. The fittings must work flawlessly, otherwise the plastic window will not fulfill its main functions: keep warm, protect from noise and ensure proper air exchange in the room. German fittings are considered to be of the highest quality. The leaders are: Sigenia Aubi; Roto; Winkhouse.

Balconies and loggiasThe palette of colors

The palette of colors offered to customers is nearly unlimited. There is a possibility of color matching based on the RAL and NCS palette, in addition, we offer a wide range of structural wood-like paints. Thanks to this, you will surely be able to match the color of the windows to the existing interior.