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Window accessories

Window accessoriesChild lock-blocker

Such a mechanism is installed on windows with swing-flaps (which swing open or tilt). The lock-blocker is placed at the bottom of the window profile. Having closed it with a key, you do not have to worry that the baby will be able to open it in any way, while the sash will be slightly open for ventilation.

Window accessoriesKey handle

A fairly simple, but useful mechanism is a handle with a locking mechanism, or a special button that prevents accidental opening. It is used on windows with revolving sashes. Thanks to such a handle, the window can be fixed in the desired position, the key can be turned, and the child will no longer be able to open it without your help. The handle is installed on the side in which the window sash opens.

Window accessoriesBalcony latch

It fixes the balcony door when entering the balcony, and does not allow it to open. It prevents the appearance of a draft and slamming the sash against the frame. In order to re-open the door, returning from the balcony, it is quite easy to push it.

Window accessoriesWindow care kit:

1. Cleaner for PVC profile - 150ml. Abrasive, intensive cleaning milk without solvents for anodized windows, doors and aluminium shutters, as well as for polyurethane windows and for all white PVC profile windows and shutters

2. Lubricant for the sealant - 30ml. For the care and maintenance of the seal. Retains flexibility, and also prevents it from melting in summer and from freezing on the profile during winter

3. Oil for fittings - 30 ml. For the care and maintenance of fittings. Maintains the necessary properties of moving parts, subsequently prevents the elements of the fittings from acting in a "dry" state, and also provides additional protection for metal parts from corrosion.

Window accessoriesVentilation system "Ventair"

An air ventilator (in other words, passive air supply) is a small device, most often mounted in a window (the easiest and cheapest way), which allows fresh air to "leak" into the room. The used air is removed by ventilation ducts. The air flow in the ventilator can be regulated; it is also protected from precipitation. The air scoop is protected from rainwater and is equipped with an anti-mosquito net.

Air ventilators are devices that operate independently without the need for additional electricity. Their operation costs nothing. There are 2 types of mechanical ventilation, the shutter of which you regulate yourself. And automatic, in which a special membrane is built that opens and closes the shutter, depending on the humidity in the room.