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Doors systems

Only high-quality doors will last a long time and will not freeze.

Doors systems - Our objects

We offer doors from leading manufacturers in plastic, aluminium, metal and wood. We work with entrance, lightweight and balcony systems. We also mount complex sliding structures and "accordion doors".

Depending on the object and the client's requirements, we offer the following door systems:


Doors systemsGealan 8000, 9000 - с доп. резинкой

Ширина створки 126 mm, глубина рамы - 74 - 83 mm
Большие петли, низкий алюминиевый порог
Длинный или короткий замок
Возможность использования стеклопакета 24-48 mm.
Фурнитура:  Siegenia

Doors systemsAluplast Ideal 4000 - Lightweight front door

Medium hinges, low aluminium sill
Long or short lock
Sash width 88 mm. Frame depth - 70 mm sash
Possibility of using a glass unit 18-36 mm
Fittings: Siegenia, Maco

Aluminium Doors

Doors systemsPonzio PE40/PE52/PE68/PE78(HI)(HI+)

Ponzio PE40 / PE52 / PE68 / PE78 (HI) (HI +)

Frame depth - 78 mm, sash - 86 mm
Glass unit 23-61 mm
Fittings: Roto, Savio, Erreti, Hautau, Winkhaus etc.
System with thermo-bridge 42mm
Heat transfer coefficient PE78 Uf ≥1.7 W / m2K (windows)
Heat transfer coefficient PE78 + Uf ≥1.3 W / m2K (windows)
Heat transfer coefficient PE78HI Uf ≥ 0.9 W / m2K (windows)
Heat transfer coefficient PE78HI + Uf ≥ 0.7 W / m2K (windows)
Heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.5 W / m2K (doors)
Colors according to Ral palette

Fireproof doors

Doors systemsPonzio PE78EI – Fireproof doors (EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60, EI90, EI120)

The leaders are: Sigenia Aubi; Roto; G-U; Maco; Winkhouse.
Ponzio PE78EI (EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60, EI90, EI120)
Frame and sash depth - 78 mm (EI120 - 89mm)
Glass unit 8 - 54mm (58-65 mm. EI120)
Fittings - ASSA ABLOY, BKS, Dorma, Fapim, Savio, Cisa, etc.
Profile filling: Gypsum and aluminium-silicate
Warm system with 42mm thermo-bridge
Colors according to Ral palette

Sliding aluminium doors

Doors systemsPonzio Sliding 1200 tt – sliding doors

Sash depth - 50 mm
Total rail depth - 120 mm
Possibility of using a glass unit 6 - 37 mm
Fittings - Ponzio, G-U
Colors according to Ral palette

Doors systemsPonzio Sliding 1600 tt / 1600 tt HI – sliding doors

Sash depth - 67 mm
Total rail depth - 160 mm
Heat transfer coefficient - Uf ≥2,1 W / (m2K) (1600 tt)
Heat transfer coefficient - Uf ≥1.8 W / (m2K) (1600 tt HI)
Possibility of using a glass unit 6 - 50 mm
Fittings - Ponzio, G-U
Colors according to Ral palette

Metal doors

Doors systems

The basis of the construction of metal (steel) doors is a powerful, fully welded, load-bearing frame (5) from a steel profile with reinforcing ribs (1).

All doors are made of metal with an increased leaf thickness of 2mm. (6)

Anti-removable elements and a raised square or strip are also built in, on which a rubber seal is mounted, which prevents the penetration of extraneous noise and provides additional heat insulation.


Doors systems

The space between the steel sheets is filled with mineral wool (2).

Wide range of locks (3): Mottura, Cissa, ASSA, Sekuremme, Tesa, Elbor.

Choice of colors and patterns.


Wooden doors

Doors systems

Pine, Oak, Alder
Three-layer glued laminated timber 68 - 78 mm
Aluminium threshold
Presser elastic
Painting according to Ral palette or staining (varnish)
Choice of colors and patterns

Doors systemsHigh-quality installation

High-quality installation is a guarantee of the longevity of your windows and living without condensation and fungus.

  • We do not save on materials for installation, but we do save on expenses for warranty service. At the same time, we do not overstate prices.
  • If necessary, we provide professional installation with special parainsulating tapes.
  • Blowing through the window is usually facilitated by the accumulation of condensation and the destruction of foam.
  • The outdoor (anti-wind) tape prevents blowing from the street and the formation of condensation around the perimeter of the window. The inner (parainsulating) tape absorbs moisture that comes from inside the room.
  • We also offer high quality interior and exterior finishes.

Furniture is a very important element of the window. it is she who wears out the most when opening and closing the window. The fittings must work flawlessly, otherwise the plastic window will not fulfill its main functions: keep warm, protect from noise and ensure proper air exchange in the room. German fittings are considered to be of the highest quality. The leaders are: Sigenia Aubi; Roto; Winkhouse.

Doors systemsThe palette of colors

The palette of colors offered to customers is nearly unlimited. There is a possibility of color matching based on the RAL and NCS palette, in addition, we offer a wide range of structural wood-like paints. Thanks to this, you will surely be able to match the color of the windows to the existing interior.