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Room blinds

This is the most practical, functional and inexpensive solution.

Room blinds - Our objects


Blinds and mosquito netsHorizontal metal blinds

Blinds are easy to clean, hygienic and convenient to use. Due to their performance characteristics, they are practically universal in use.

Blinds and mosquito netsCassette type

The cassette blinds are formed by a solid sheet of fabric that completely covers the entire window. Thus, the sun's rays do not penetrate into the room. In addition, this type of blinds is perfect for places where the use of curtains and curtains is impossible, for example, in a kitchen or a glazed loggia.

Blinds and mosquito netsRoll type

The variety of fabric textures of roller blinds allows you to create a unique play of light and shadow. Depending on the type of fabric, the light intensity in the room is set.
The fabric rolls up into a roll using a chain and spring-inertial control mechanism.


Blinds and mosquito netsPleated

Pleated curtains are the embodiment of functionality, style and originality. Outwardly, they are somewhat similar to horizontal blinds, only the role of lamellas is played by pleated fabric with a pleat width of 2 cm. The pleated strap is held by the guiding cables at the edges and, like an accordion, opens or gathers in a stack.

The design is very graceful and compact, and when folded is practically invisible. The indisputable advantage of pleated blinds is the variety of shapes. In addition to the traditional rectangular shape, pleats can be triangular, trapezoidal, semicircular, round, pentagonal and hexagonal. This makes it possible to decorate windows and openings of the most intricate shapes.

Blinds and mosquito netsWooden blinds

To bring a little warmth and comfort to a modern interior, there is one simple way - to install wooden blinds. The color and texture of wood always adjusts to calmness and good mood.

Wood is a very noble, practical and, which is very important, environmentally friendly material. For these reasons, wood products have always been highly valued.

Vertical blinds

Blinds and mosquito netsThe lamellas are made of fabric and plastic, which makes them suitable for use in various premises. This type of blinds looks very beautiful and practical at the same time. The light that penetrates through them into the room is soft and diffused.

They are very easy to clean, especially plastic ones, as it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth and detergent. In addition, they comply with environmental standards, so they are used in medical and children's institutions.

Mosquito nets

Blinds and mosquito netsStandard mosquito net

The mosquito net perfectly solves the main problem: not to let anything superfluous into the apartment, starting from insects (for which it was invented) and ending with poplar fluff and garbage from the higher floors.

Mosquito nets can be used very effectively to keep pets safe. Due to their sufficient strength, frame mosquito nets become an obstacle in the way of cats and parrots, striving for spring freedom. Mosquito nets are made to order. The standard production time is 3 days.

Blinds and mosquito netsRoll type nets

Roller anti-mosquito nets are the perfect protection system today that will allow you to protect yourself from insects, foreign particles and create an atmosphere of comfort inside the room. Roll-up anti-mosquito systems are the best way to protect an area from insects. They are simple, easy to use and will free you from possible inconveniences for many years.

Blinds and mosquito nets"Anti-cat" netting

With an anti-cat mosquito net, you will stop worrying about the safety of your pet.

The netting fabric is made of aluminium netting. The mount is also reinforced. The aluminium profile of the mosquito net is mounted on iron brackets at the top and bottom and additional swivel brackets on the sides.

We also offer an ”invisible net”, which is barely visible on the window.

Blinds and mosquito netsDoor type netting

Door mosquito nets, unlike frame nets, are designed specifically for doorways and entrance groups. Their design is distinguished by a more powerful, but at the same time, lightweight aluminium profile. Using them, you can forget about stuffy evenings and nights, and about annoying mosquitoes, flies and other insects. By installing a mosquito on the door of the balcony, attic, terrace or in the opening of the front door, you can provide more efficient ventilation and still sleep in peace. Such a mosquito net is installed to the door frame on special hinges, on the reverse side of the sash opening.