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Glass doors

In the modern world, doors are no longer associated with simple and boring elements in the interior of an apartment or office.

Glass doors - Our objects

Today, doors can carry a decorative character and be an integral part of design. Doors made of tempered glass are beginning to gain great popularity, because they can be frameless or in an aluminium profile, with frosted or transparent glass, with an applied image or even a company logo. Glass doors are an excellent option for those who are tired of the familiar image of "doors" and who want to add variety to their apartment or even office interior. In addition, glass doors are very durable, since they are made of special tempered glass and you can not worry that, for example, your children will break or injure themselves against such a door while playing.

Glass doors can be of different types of opening:

Stikla durvisSwing glass doors - doors with opening in both directions. These doors can be both internal and external. As a rule, a floor closer is used with such a door (installed in the floor), which, after opening, returns the door to the closed position. The door itself is fixed to the floor and ceiling.

Stikla durvisSwing glass doors - open only in one direction (towards or away from yourself). Such doors are installed mainly in apartments or office buildings, where the door is not easily passable. The doors are hinged to a door frame or wall and only open in one direction. This type of glass door is usually used indoors.

Stikla durvisSliding glass doors and "accordion" doors - when opened, glass doors move to the sides. The doors are fastened to carriages, which, in turn, move along a rail or guide profile fixed to the ceiling, glass or wall. A big plus of this type of glass doors is space saving.

Stikla durvisRadial glass doors - curved glass doors. Thanks to the technology of temped curved glass sheets, it has become possible to produce both swing and sliding glass doors with a curved door leaf.

Our company offers the following types of glass for doors:

  • Doors made of transparent glass
  • Doors from tinted glass - in the manufacture of glass doors from tinted glass, special tinted glass is used in the mass ("Bronza", "Grafit", "Gray"). The glass door made of tinted glass retains its appearance throughout the entire period of operation.
  • Frosted glass doors
  • Doors with sandblasted glass is a treatment in which the desired patterns are applied to the glass or simply made matte. Glass processing is carried out using a special tool. Sandblasting is carried out with a strong blast of air with abrasive powder, and a matte pattern is formed on the glass.
  • Painted glass - painted to match any color of the "RAL" palette, etc.
  • Artistic matting of glass and mirrors - our technologies allow us to offer you both traditional and exclusive solutions in the field of artistic matting of glass, mirrors for the manufacture of interior items: wardrobes, interior doors, partitions, furniture and kitchen facades, glass countertops, shower cabins ...
  • Ordinary glass, mirror turns into a work of art and makes your interior unique.