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Design and glass furniture elements

Design elements and glass furniture give a unique and creative image to your home, whether it is a country house or a luxury cottage, a small or spacious apartment.

Design and glass furniture elements - Our objects

Glass fits into almost any interior design and makes it richer and more beautiful.

  • Kitchen aprons
  • Shelves
  • Tables
  • Name Plates
  • Glass decorative panels for sliding wardrobes and furniture.
  • Mirrors.
  • Glass panels with your image
  • Sandblasted glass


Glass matting is a technology for creating a matte surface, making it rough and opaque (an operation opposite to polishing). Using matting, you can create a matte pattern on the glass surface. Glass frosting technology is widely used in the production of glass and ceramic tableware, decorative elements, costume jewellery, souvenirs, glass furniture and a wide variety of other glass products.

Glass frosting methods can be divided into five groups:

  • matting by mechanical processing;
  • chemical methods;
  • application of matte firing coatings;
  • application of matt varnish-and-paint coatings;
  • matting in other ways.

SandblastingArtistic matting of glass and mirrors.

One of the activities of our company is the artistic matting of glass, mirrors, glass products. Our technologies allow us to offer you both traditional and exclusive solutions in the field of artistic glass matting, mirrors for the manufacture of interior items: wardrobes, interior doors, partitions, furniture and kitchen facades, glass countertops, shower cabins ...
Ordinary glass, mirror turns into a work of art and makes your interior unique.

Currently, when decorating the interior of apartments, offices, restaurants, gyms, shops, more and more are used: mirrors, glass. We propose to change the look at these materials by sandblasting and coloured matting of mirrors and glasses.

SandblastingStained glass

Each order is a unique piece of art. In our practice, no two jobs are alike. When creating a design, the master listens to yours, takes into account the use of stained glass and oth




We offer professional installation services!